Physics Laboratories

 We have two Physics laboratories, Aula Leoncini and Aula Torricelli, where experimental Physics and practical exercises are conducted. They are aimed at analyzing the laws of Physics studied in the classroom and at discovering simple relationships that govern certain real phenomena. Both laboratories are equipped with tools and instruments that allow different type experiments from Mechanics to ThermoDynamic laws; from Optics to Electromagnetism.

The Torricelli Lab has eight counters where students can actively work in small groups and take multiple measurements separately to verify the physical laws studied.

Torricelli Laboratory

The Leoncini is a 40-seat amphitheater, and is used by Teachers who, with the assistance of a Lab Technician, offer students more complex exercises such as Electrostatics, ThermoDynamics, Acoustics and Calorimetr.

Leoncini Laboratory

In both laboratories there are new, as well as ancient instruments that testify to the long-standing scientific tradition and active experimental teaching within Calini High School.