About Us

The Liceo Scientifico di Stato  “A. Calini”  – named after the 20th century young Italian patriot Annibale Calini who died at the age of 24 in 1916 – is the Science High School of longest heritage in Brescia, Italy.  Brescia is an industrious and productive mid-size town in northern Italy, not far from Milan.

Calini is a Science High School that offers its own tradition of qualified and scientifically rigorous teaching to lead students in achieving an apposite competent education to face the challenges presented by technological-scientific innovation and the widespread use of information technology.  Calini recognizes, values and promotes the potential of each student.

The complex range of fields of study offered provides the opportunity for students to diversify their preparation, satisfying their inclinations and their interests, without losing sight of the importance of a fundamental robust high school education.

The high value of education delivered at Calini was recently confirmed by an independent cultural and research organization in the field of human and social sciences. In 2016, the authoritative Agnelli Foundation looked at the “quality” of the Lombardy Region schools and our Institute was recognized as the best Science High School in Brescia.

In addition, Calini also achieved distinct acknowledgement by a special  commission of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for its reading promotion activities implemented with the BookTrailer Film Festival through cinema and the Internet.  Calini is now among  the exclusive club of UNESCO Associated Schools – Italy.

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