Grading System

penThe grading scale of the Italian high school ranges from 1 to 10. Sufficiency is fixed at 6.

Students’ academic performance is evaluated through regular oral and written tests during the school year (at least one or two every month for every subject). A minimum of 60 points in Final (13th year) State Examination is required for graduation. Grades for each year are recorded on the transcript (June) and the Final State Examination and final grade point average is computed in July of the 13th year.

Italian high school education does not provide predicted grades.

The school policy does not apply class rank.

A +/A = 10
A – = 9
B +/B = 8
B -/C + = 7
C/C – = 6
D + = 5
D = 4
D – = 3
E = 1/2