Science High School – Second Foreign Language (French or German)

It represents a well-established reality in the tradition of our Institute and a natural continuity with the bilingualism currently present in the lower secondary schools curricular. Advanced studies of a second foreign language offer additional ability of being more open minded, opening up and comparing with cultures other than our own, and integration and enhancement of the knowledge elaborated in the Science High School curricular studies. A second European language can also be a precious tool in the ever more frequent mobility of university and postgraduate students in non-English speaking countries. The curriculum, without renouncing a Science High School education, is based on a broader perspective that addresses the need to strengthen the study of foreign languages, taking into account the needs of the job world, scientific research and European integration.

Second Foreign Language (French or German)The course complements the English language with a second foreign language, French or German. The second language offers the students an additional ability to become more open minded and comparative with themselves and other cultures. Moreover, it is a further key to the world’s increasingly complex global environment our students are called to live in.